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Marsbound review: Red Eden-homeworld bound by Michael E. Vigil

AragmarJan 17, 2019, 3:57:03 PM

I must admit that when I started reading Red Eden: Homeworld bound, I instantly got flashbacks of those old, beautifully drawn space exploration NASA animations. You know, the ones that they use every fiscal year to try and secure more funds, show us how they see a Mars exploration & colonization project will look like to the layman. The first chapter of his book explores Mars's colonization in great detail and gives the reader a glimpse of what could've happened years ago. Oh, if only our useless politicians cared more for humanity and not so much about their own re-election. So vivid were the images taking form in my mind, that I forced myself to stop reading, take my usual notes and then continue again, after some time spent in my meditation chamber - black-clad armor off, of course. My questions as to what were the reasons, why those brave colonists had to suffer danger, and possibly lay down their very lives to reach Mars, then work even harder to colonize and terraform it, were all skillfully answered. The Mother of Lies! That was done well I must admit and for the better half of the book, I was unsure of what exactly the Mother of Lies was. I won't go into details since that would mean me dropping a lot of spoilers and this is not something that me, the Black Knight, does.

Floating inside a restrictive tank can make anyone cranky.

Without ruining your experience and showering you with spoilers, (which I swore that I wouldn't do) Mr. Vigil takes you, the reader, on a journey and a very interesting one. Exploring the near future of our Solar system, showcasing technological advances without having to "overdo it". Despite its serious tone, the book had me chuckle plenty of times as I followed the main character's journey. One thing I should tell you - reclaiming Earth back from the clutches of a powerful and very insidious enemy is not an easy job. How hard a job you might ask? Well... to find out, you'd better read the book for yourself! It isn't that hard a thing to do, actually. You purchase the paperback from Amazon, open it and..What? You thought that The Black Knight will ruin your experience with spoilers?! 

Totally not a spoiler!

You have your rugged, and quirky characters, determined to deal with anything that this reality, carefully woven by Mr. Vigil's imagination dares throw at them. Regardless, the action is there, the mystery and intrigue too. The usual questions any reader start asking themselves after a couple of pages - who, what, and why are given answers. Albeit, some of the usual suspense was lost to me because of Mr. Vigil's chose to increase the plot's pace. This perhaps, is the one and only problem I've had with the book, but that is just me - I do love my lengthy expositions. Sometimes too much for my own good...   

Did I mention how much I loved Ellen's character? Keyword - Spirit!

In conclusion, Mr. Vigil did his research and toiled hard enough to polish his creation. His characters are believable, and the tech they use - delightfully awesome to read about. The enemy is insidiously wonderful to my humble opinion too. A good, solid 4 out of 5 stars from me. Those would be the dark, golden stars, which I, the Black Knight, use to reward any book, movie or a game that I review. I would recommend the book to all who love reading about Mars's colonization, Mars in general and imagine how all of it could be happening in the near future. Space exploration buffs and, of course, loves of all things cybernetical! Did I mention action buffs? Yes, yes I did! All of this reading only made me hungry for more science fiction. Perhaps Mr. Vigil will write a sequel soon? I sincerely hope so.


I've recently been informed that Mr. Vigil is working on his second book of the series. You can read its awesome intro right here!

You can subscribe to his Minds channel for more sci-fi goodness here.

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