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Semiprofessional meme (re-) cutter - The Truth will set us free -

OUR MISSION 1. Good news media: “We are what we consume” We want to make big changes in society and reconnect people and nature. Therefore we create and share amazing content, that is inspiring, educating and entertaining. We create documentary films and write about fantastic projects for a greener and greater future. We support the communities reaching a bigger audience and share their message, their values and lifestyle with the world. At the same time we give them a hand and become part of their community. We are mentors as well as students and share that knowledge with all of you. Bad news are all over the media, it spreads like cancer. We are what we consume. And if we want to become healthy and happy, we must focus on spreading the good news. Believe, there is plenty. Just change your perspective. And that is our mission. "The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers" (Thomas Jefferson) 2. School of Life: “Think abundance, not scarcity” “School of Life” is a new way of studying and self realization. Based on self development rather than conformity every individual can find, design and create their own future. Therefore we share self management tools with you to help you actually acting on your dreams. Self development and a positive mindset are the main keys to a successful and fulfilled life. We live to learn, we live to thrive. If we procrastinate or stop our journey of self realization, we become lethargic, sick and live a life in depression. If we start reconnecting to nature and find our own self, we’ll understand that depression is not a sickness. It just means that you’re not living “your” life. Because we don’t know who we are, we seek attention. Because we seek attention we do what society tells us to fit in. Society spreads news that there is scarcity and we believe it. That’s why we are anxious. If you wake up you’ll realize that there is just abundance. Observe nature and you’ll see it. Then we can start working together instead of always competing against each other. "Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely." (Roy T. Bennett) 3. Building community: “Let’s start with Entrenomads” Imagine Entrenomads as a co - working space on wheels and soon on water (sailing fleet planned in year 2022). We want to gather big dreamers around us to share skills, smiles and adventures. Let us form a Mastermind group where everybody can benefit from. It’s the combination of an entrepreneur mindset, which means to never give up on your dreams and the flexibility of nomads, always relocating to connect with as many people as possible. Let us gather to live in community, spread our message, help others and ultimately change the world one step after another. Let’s create the foundation, then spread the seeds, so they can grow organically. It takes time to build a community. Everybody has different dreams and goals. If you can align your plans with the vision of Entrenomads, get in touch with us. Everybody is welcome. Let’s build a community to build communities to finally become one big family. OUR PURPOSE We all feel great with awesome, uplifting, optimistic people around us. We love to share, we love to be loved, we love to be appreciated. Mankind functions best in a healthy community environment. Nevertheless, the values of modern day society do not meet our needs of being in deep relationships with others anymore. Nowadays society is a culture of anxiety, shallowness, competition and envy. That is why people feel lonely and unfulfilled. Our purpose is to change that! There is no need to live in fear. It is all an illusion. There is no safety anyway. So why being scared? Why not living your dreams? We do. If our movement could help you achieving your dreams, contact us to be a part of it. We love to hear about you and your story. DARE TO DREAM BIG

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