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My Gaming Journey: Icewind Dale II

Animeman73Apr 15, 2019, 3:23:10 AM

This is journal entry #1 in my campaign to complete my list of RPGs for the rest of this year and next year. Here is the party I've created for game Icewind Dale II in an adventure I've titled Belhifet;'s Legacy (See the original Icewind Dale to learn more about who Belhifet is.).

Brannon: Aasimar paladin of Helm, a child of the Lord of Guardians and the sister of Icewind Dale hero Tien Steelsong. Leader of the group seeking to test his merit even as he seeks to end the legacy of Belhifet his father warned him of during Brannon's night of vigil for his initiation into the Fellowship of Helmite paladins.

Dar'Kandra: A Drow Elf from the city of Ust Natha forced to flee when the House she was a part of fell victim to the violent drow politics of the various matriarchs of the city. A ruthless and blood thirsty fighter who understands how to use the law for her own ends she is the bodyguard (And lover) of Terrax of Thay.

Garrett: A Painbearer of Illmatar and a Half-Elf. A childhood friend of Brannon he seeks to restore of the worship of the crying God to Icewind Dale after the events of the original Icewind Dale game.

Mali: A slinky seductive Half-Elf rogue who is a keen shot with a crossbow. She is the daughter of Icewind Dale heroes Cabros Ironspur and Minx Windweaver Ironspur. She used to be known as a heartbreaker for the number of boys whose hearts she broke (And picked their pockets while at it.) She is also Garrett's fiancé and will do anything to defend him if he is in trouble.

Brianna: An Aasimar monk from a branch of the Order of the Broken Ones. Her father was the head of the Monastary and her mother is a Deva and handmaiden to the Goddess Selune. An agile bare-fisted warrior she seeks to improve her martial arts prowess even as she comes to grips with her growing attraction for Brannon.

Terrax of Thay: Son of (Infamous) Icewind Dale heroes the elf warrior woman Vanya and the human Jurrax ofThay. Terrax discovered that his family had some dragon in their ancestry which explains his own sorcerous abilities. Recognizing that if the Demon, Belhifet, has left a legacy in Icewind Dale it could eventually represent a threat to his own family's interests in Thay he has joined Brannon's group for the sole purpose of eliminating this threat to his family plans for Thay. The Half-Elf grew up knowing how to use the law for his own ends but when he gives his word he keeps it...unless he can find a legal way to break it!

The adventure in Icewind Dale II begins.

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