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I am building a guitar for my son and would love you to write something small. A phrase, a quote or a line for a song anything you would say to a young man to give him inspiration or guidance or blow his mind!!! I will stick it to the guitar before I clear-coat it. Hopefully I will get enough of them from around the world to cover the body of the guitar. I can picture my lad in 12 years from now sitting on his bed staring at this work of art and reading a line you have written and him pondering love or life or the complexity of man. It would only need to be a hand written line or 2 on a small piece of white paper about 1.5" x 4" (3cm x 10cm). If you wished to say more please include a letter that he can read later but it's not essential. I understand that you are probably too busy to waste too much time on a dad's ridiculous idea. If you can find the time please contact me by any means. I am also keeping a Facebook page for him (1000 Letters) to come back and look at in years to come but if you do not want to be mentioned I am very happy to keep it confidential. I apologise for not hand writing this letter it was always my intention but finding peoples addresses is not easy. I would love to write you a personal letter and detailing why you are so important to me and why I have chosen you to contribute. It feels disingenuous to write it in an email. Thank you for listening to a crazy dads ridiculous ideas. My sons name is Alexander Henry Turnbull. Regards Chad Turnbull Facebook: Email: [email protected] Postal address: 1000 Letters PO Box 169 Drayton North Q 4350 Australia If you are able to help please email a reply. Thank you so much.

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