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Raised in East Texas. USMC '71 to '77. Got deceived by popular Christian cult. Left the military & after being a mechanic & struggling with school, became a missionary selling Bibles & religious literature for the cult, straight commission, door to door. Life was hard. Went back to mechanics opening my own garage eventualy. But continued to be exploited at times by various members of the cult. Largely because of the landlord, a member of the cult, closed my garage returning to Texas. Tried hard but wound up living in poverty in a small university town run by the cult. Still very pious, was deceived by the Pastor of the university church & went into extraordinary debt preparing for the ministry in the university there. Was successful raising up a new church in my junior year. But tragedy struck. My wife had an affair with a very attractive weight lifter who she met partying in a hot tub while I was away visiting members of my new congregation. The cults policy was that disqualified me for the ministry. Marriage gone, forced out of school, deep in debt, now worthless education, returned to California & went into managment with a parts & garage business, Pep Boys. But after a while, had a mental issue, was hospitalized for three months loosing the job with Pep Boys. Exited the hospital with a mental health diagnosis on disability. Was not entirely honest while hospitalized. Too ashamed to talk about the true nature of my experience. Met a bi-hypersexual. Was thrilled. She too had mental health issues, a similar level of pain. I had thrown my moral compass in the trash & had no problem marrying a total stranger that I had just met because she was an exotic lover in every possible respect & of course I no longer was a practicing Christian of any kind. The relationship was doomed from the start & failed after several years leaving me to live in a car, then the bushes, unemployed & beginning the onset of PTSD stimming from citcumstances that I still hadn't spoken about to anyone. This was in Maricopa Co., Arizona, home to the notorious Sherrif Joe Arpaio, feared or loved by all. The county & then joined with the VA scooped me up of the streets & I was in & out of the Phoenix VA hospital where I finnaly talked about my experiences. After one more failed attempt in the workplace, the VA psych. was eager to take the unusual step to rate me 100% permanently disabled even though I had initialy resisted honestly confronting the things that had happened. My story sort of emerged slowly & only later did I face & describe the truth. I still don't go there unless someone literaly demands it. But then VA money issues came up. They are extremely reluctant to acknowlege responsibility for some things much less compensate a Veteran. After a long painful battle involving changing my diagnosis so that I was merely crazy, opening the door to denying anything had happened let alone compensating me, I folded. I was thru fighting. So I settled for non service connected benefits at a considerable loss & making it look as if they had been right all along. Lived the life of a disturbed, dysfunctioal recluse on the margins until Sept. of 2013. Moved into a rather upscale retirement environment due to health problems that suddenly became available due to a little known VA benefit. My standard of living did a 180. Not long after that I was encouraged to obtain the services of a marvelous young Psychotherapist who began visiting me in my home once a week for a full hour. She was quik to point out the need for certain behaviours helping me to abandon my antisocial reclusive ways. Those changes made a difference & I was able to seek & obtain a relationship with the right lady. We live together now here where I was. She also has health issues & is happy here.

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Youtube tryna shut me down, gotta pop back up ya kno?

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Lover of freedom. Pro-nationalist, pro-freedom, pro-trump, pro-borders, pro-bmw, pro-conservative, pro-gun, pro-capitalism, pro-constitution, anti-liberal, anti-feminist, anti-globalist, anti-communist, anti-lbgtqrxz, anti-islam, anti-diversity, anti-sjw, anti-immigration. Conservative concerned about the state of affairs in the globalist-infected, liberal-infested western world which is being overrun by migrant invaders and destroyed by a genocidal globalist plot to destroy western society.

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