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Check out my original Mandala paintings here - Check out my funky 80's inspired paintings here - Check out my print shop and merch store here - Artist Adam Millward paints with passion and creates with the intention to expand your mind and inspire your soul! #art #artist #visionaryart #inspiration #motivation #design #Mandala #modernart #contemporaryart #psychedelic #pattern #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #artforsale #spiritual #lsd #dmt #abstractart #minds #NDE #Lightworker #Spirituality #SacredGeometry

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Professional photographer based in Canada.

An explorer of both the physical and spiritual worlds, a lover of life simply for the reason that life is all of us. I believe in unifying humanity to the understanding we are all the same. We fight each other because of the social programming and conditioning to which we are perpetually subjected. There is no need to buy into this and it becomes laughable when you start questioning the foundation and underlying intentions of the public narratives and purposes behind these "stories". We each have the power to think for ourselves... perception is reality. If we greatly reduce or eradicate fear, judgement, and hatred within ourselves, we find peace, joy, and emphatic love. This is already occurring within many, many people. It's now a matter of spreading awareness once you understand. Work towards gaining a deeper understanding, through self-exploration, of the evolution/revolution taking place. Please note: All content produced from this account is original material. Any work created by someone else is clearly marked as such. THANK YOU!

Make love not War .. will Block 4 Sure :) Harm None but Take no shit :) Kathmandu State of Mind

Alternative information supporting the evolution of mind,body and spirit. Not claiming to hold the ultimate truth, but always promoting subjects which I think can lead to a more equitable and harmonious future for all of us. The topics I enjoy the most and the ones u will find on this channel are about #Nature , #Outdoors , #Health , #Science , #Astronomy , #Spirituality , #News , #Futurism and more. I am here on #Minds to grow and help others grow , I hope that`s why you are here also. -------------------------------------------------- Join my groups if you find the subjects interesting : Natural Cures . . .[Let`s discover and share miracle health secrets of natural cures and natural remedies the big pharmaceutical companies are trying to suppress.] Leaks & Whisleblowers . . .[To be a whistleblower takes bravery. If more people become aware of the truths shared by them , they may begin to wake up, so we can start changing things.] Astronomy/Cosmos . . .[Best place for astronomy/cosmology lovers to post any news and info about our lovely but scary universe.] The Venus Project . . .[The integration of science and technology into a plan for a new society based on human and environmental concern.] Spiritual Awakening . . . [A lot of people become more conscious and aware of issues and practices that have lasted for too long and that must change.] Positive News . . . [This is the place we can share any news generally regarded as positive.Any breakthrough regarding wellbeing of mankind,environment, animals is welcome.] A Post Capitalist / Corporatist / Consumerist Society . . . [Exposing the many negative effects that this form of capitalism we're experiencing has on life on Earth. Without understanding the difference between need and greed, we can lead ourselves to extinction.] Note : This is not a pro socialism / communism or any other 'ism' group. Artificial Intelligence (Pros & Cons) . . .[Anything about A.I.,especially discussing the opportunities but also possible threats that may arise with it.] Vegan & Vegetarian Magazine . . .[Many vegans and vegetarians choose this lifestyle to promote a more humane and caring world. They know they are not perfect, but believe they have a responsibility to try to do their best, while not being judgmental of others.] Climate Change Debate . . .[Whether you believe climate change is real or not, man made or just a natural cycle, let`s share info and evidence regarding this very sensitive subject which may affect all of us.] Marine Life & Oceanography . . .[ Any info and news about our seas and oceans,marine animals, and the physical and biological aspects of oceans : currents, waves, ecosystems etc]

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Consciousness. soul. artist. truther. healer. teacher. warrior

Adult content creator Looking for new fans, people to talk to, and sharing my sexy self with the world.

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