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Most of the time spent cramped upside down in an old car's footwell mucking about with mismatched wires covered in cack and grime.

I comment on things I feel strongly about that's it and I don't apologize for my opinions. Period. Dot. And I.

I make stuff, and have opinions(open to change)

Class of 1776 at Liberty College Gun Owner Trump Supporter Anonymous Neocon

I was Medically Retired (Discharged) from the Royal Air Force in 2014 following a 13 year career as an Intelligence Analyst. This channel will be all about my injury and my following recovery journey. We will discuss my medical diagnosis and subsequent treatment both from the MOD and NHS, pensions & benefits, as well as all the various service charities and everything in between. I'm hoping to publish one video a week hopefully on a Friday. Please bare with me as I am new to this but hoping to improve the quality of my videos as time goes by. I will be using a script to get me started and to ensure accuracy. I hope this will be of interest to civilians hoping to gain a better understanding and for military personnel perhaps looking at being medically discharged themselves.

█♥█♠█♣█♦█♫█✓█ / Creative, fun, complex, conservative. Fraternal twin, so add idiosyncratic. I ♥♠ but never ♣ my alcoholic spaniel. She's a real ♦. "The left does not win its battles in debate...The left wins because it controls the narrative. The narrative is controlled by the media. The left is the media. Narrative is everything." -- Andrew Breitbart Ignorance is the currency of the left, so to run its economy, the left must print more ignorance. But the paper on which it's printed is made of students and media consumers.- Moi If you love illegal aka illegitimate immigration you love rape, child trafficking and sex slavery, murder, and ruining the environment. You love turning back the clock on modernity at every chance. You hate human rights, you hate Natural Rights, you hate education, and you hate America. Basically, you're a horrible person and you should feel deep shame. Big Social Battle Scars: Twitter Lost the first Twitter account for calling out the "reporter" who doxxed Officer Darren Wilson. Lost #2 and #3 (really my backup accounts) while sitting idle so I guess they figured out they were mine XD Lost #4, #5, #6 for the crime of tweeting support to Milo the day before he was permanently banned and using a meme and hashtag that mocked #trigglypuff. Literally went poof the moment I hit send. I love that I triggered them that much. If you aren't triggering SJW cultists, you're just doing it wrong.

Anti-Feminist Anti-Islam Anti-BLM Anti-Social Justice Youtube Channel -https://www.youtube.com/Frogert-

Sep 2016
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