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5 Places to Use Tempered Glass At Home

AISGlassDec 5, 2017, 11:48:00 AM

Several modern applications of glass have completely modified the construction industry. Think of a place just about anywhere in an edifice and you can easily find appropriate glass for it in the markets. Glass suppliers have manufactured toughened glass such as laminated and tempered glass to widen the possible use of glass.

The benefits of tempered glass are common knowledge. Often the first choice when it comes to reinforcing the safety and security of a place, tempered glass is manufactured by heating annealed glass to 600 degrees Celsius and then rapidly cooling it. As a result, the glass develops opposing stresses on both the sides, and assumes added strength. Thus, tempered glass doesn’t shatter into sharp pieces which are possibly hazardous to the inhabitants.


Safety – The glass breaks into small round pieces as opposed to standard glass. Therefore, it ensures safety in case of breakage

Ease of cleaning – it is quite easy to sweep since it shatters into round pieces. The smaller pieces can be vacuumed while others can easily be swept

Durability – The glass is about four to five times stronger than standard glass and thus a great material to be employed in the various parts of the house. This takes us to the five places at a house where tempered glass can be applied:


Windows are critical for the safety of the inhabitants. Tempered glass offers structural rigidity and is appropriate for windows. Moreover, it retains the basic properties of glass post the tempering process which offers sublime quality. Windows exceeding a dimension of 9 inches necessitate toughened glass.

2.Stairs & Railings

Glass stairs exude sophistication and give an aura of luxury. With a variety consisting of frosted, transparent, opaque and textured glass, you can decorate the stairways effortlessly and achieve a distinctive appearance. As convention goes, glass is considered too fragile for staircases and railing, but tempered glass has solved that problem. With tempered glass, the railings are safe for the kids to play around them and run up and down the stairs as they please.

3.Table Tops

Glass table tops are a common sight these days, not only in conference rooms and on reception desks, but dining tables as well. The rear part of the tempered glass can be painted to give it the desired texture. With tempered glass, you don’t have to worry about scratches and cracks due to utensils clinking on the surface or your family members leaning on the glass.

4.Shelves/Display Cases

Every household has those antiques and valuable belongings which are usually exhibited in a glass cabinet. Tempered glass guards them against falling out and displays them impeccably. It is widely used for kitchen cabinets as well.

5.Bathroom Cabinets

Bathrooms are slippery and the cabinets are susceptible to breakage in case someone slips. Therefore, it is essential to use a toughened glass like tempered glass to avoid casualties.