Palm Beach Bond Girl

Author of "It All Started with a Suitcase Full of Cash" and the new novel "Photographic Proof" Every superhero has an origin story...Mine began in 2016 when my life was burnt to the ground...By 2017 I'd completely remade my life. I even started flying helicopters and studying Krav Maga in the same week which lead to the question, "So, what are you a Bond Girl now?" Classically (and obviously) I answered, "Yes, yes I am a Bond Girl too." By 2018 I'd published my first novel....What next for 2019? Follow my journey to see what's written in the next chapter of my life, and the next book in the Dominique Drake series. "It all started with a suitcase full of cash" Available to purchase Find more of my writing @ ...and I can still be found occasionally trolling through FB under my real name (just so my family knows I'm still alive)
location_onPalm Beach
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