Admitting you're wrong is a sign of intelligence, not ignorance.
Going live with Andrew Torba, founder of Gab
this country is already gone no one is playing by the rules anymore

POV you're a cat lady ill in bed

Watch: EU Parliament Members Call For Freedom, End Of Covid Lockdowns, Censorship & Discrimination
I've been holding this news in for a while but... I GOT MY UNITED STATES VISA! 🇺🇸 I can now live, perform, and tour my music in the USA! No more 3 month visitation limits. THANK YOU to all of my American fans & supporters. Literally wouldn't have been possible without you. 💜
Huge thanks to TUG, @ThatUmbrella For the support!!
Almost all anti-free speech advocacy boils down to "I wish people would stop pointing out the awful shit I'm doing."

Zero responsibility. Zero introspection. Just deny and misplace blame. 🙄 #TheFreeThoughtProject #TFTP

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