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9Apps Google Camera

9AppsGoogleCameraOct 24, 2019, 7:25:12 AM

To begin with Google Camera is an app mainly eradicated by Google chiefly for Google Pixel Devices. Currently as of now, this app can be easily accessed on various other devices to the whole extent. Accordingly, it is one of the finest ejaculated apps for Android and this it can be easily installed and downloaded from the app store of 9Apps without any issues in it. In other words, Google Camera abbreviated as GCam is a Camera App. In addition to it, Google Camera is very much popular mainly because of its wonderful specifications opted in it like Manual Settings, RAW captivation of images, HDR+ and many more. Besides that, with the access of this camera you can never miss out any moment and captivate various alluring pictures like Portrait and Night Sight in it. Google Camera was evolved in the year 2011. GCam was generally assisted on all devices which functioned on Android 4.4 KitKat and higher than that. Apart from that, it was publicly presented for Android 4.4+ on the Google Play store on 16th April 2014 and later on erased from the public display on 17th Feb, 2016.

On the other hand, Google Camera is packed with numerous attributes which can be comfortably operated also in the Settings page or on the row of icons at the peak of the app. Not only that, through the assumption of this app, users can easily obtain the access of captivating any number of photos from their Android device to a massive extent without any obstacles in it. Therefore, before moving forward let us have a quick look at some of the autonomous features of Google Camera listed below.

1. HDR+: Capture pictures by utilizing HDR+ and obtain aspiring photos mostly those captured in dim-light or backlit scenes.

2. Night Vision: With this GCam you will never want to utilize your flash again. As Night vision pours out all the top most details and colors that disappear in the dark.

3. Excellent Res Zoom: This attribute maintains your pictures in the sharpest Zoom especially when you zoom-in without the blur in it.

4. Bird’s Eye View: Choose the exact moment with the brilliant shot. Nonetheless, spontaneously this feature endorses the finest pictures where nobody is blinking and everything seems just perfect as you have a view at it.

5. Sketch: Inclusion of elegant background blur to various pictures is opted in this app. Google Photos can also generate the topic of your photo pop by departing them in color, mainly when transfiguring the color from black and white

6. Google Lens Instructions: Precisely focus your camera at contact details, URLs and barcodes and it will spontaneously portray things to facilitate such as calling the number, or transferring an email.

7. Amusing Park: Obtain complete entertainment with the mixture of real world with the effects through AR stickers and various other consequences


In simple words, Google Camera can be easily obtained and downloaded from the most leading app 9Apps App store and obtain all the major benefits specified above to the entire extent.