I like to find music that has been tuned to 432hz and other frequencies that are said to tap into and stimulate the resonance of the body's Chakras...

finding things that stick, to throw against the wall

All in One & One in All IN GOD WE TRUST ☆ ♡

My Names Matthew I grew up in Penobscot , Maine . Spent a lot of time on the road traveling working in many fields of occupation diagnosed with asbergers or autism as a child ,, I grew up with a different perspective about everything grew up in the 80s pre internet analog in a digital age a mathmatician of my own right,,

Multi-Media Artist/Owner of Aggregate Perspective http://www.tylerbeck.design Host of Your Thoughts Podcast: https://tylerbeck.design/your-thoughts-podcast/ Photography: https://tylerbeck.design/photography/ Graphic Design: https://tylerbeck.design/design/ Music: https://tylerbeck.design/music/ Contact me for any work, collaborations, or to be on my podcast. Intellectual - I love having deep and interesting philosophically, scientifically, politically, and historically oriented conversations.

My YouTube channel: Halucidreams *Live In Peace👽 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8E961549E7562558 Music I've recorded and made videos for. Some tuned to 432Hz

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