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Jatin Pandya is founder of Orgone India, one of the top suppliers of Orgone energy products in India.

We are committed to education...helping you and your pets to be prepared & enjoy a healthy life! We are now a Non Profit Organization, "THE ORGANIC PET ANIMAL SANCTUARY AND EDUCATION FOUNDATION". (T.O.P.A.S.E.F.) Please consider donating to assist in caring for our rescue kitties or anything else you would like to help us with to facilitate our Vision and assist with the health care and feeding of rescued animals! We are a 501c3 non profit organization! This is our media side! Thank you for joining us here! If you'd like to donate, please send a gift to: P. O. Box 705 Madison, OHIO 44057 or you can donate online via PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/TheOrganicPet

Just because you take no interest in politics does not mean politics won't take an interest in you.

Welcome to the Justus Knight Report! I report on events that are shaping our present and more importantly our future. Let me help you untangle the web of so much information that is trying to cover up the real agenda of those trying to control our very existence. The evidence is usually right before our eyes but always masked in the form of 'help', 'improvement', 'convenience', or 'necessity'. Knowledge and understanding is power against the unlimited amount of changes occurring right before our eyes. We must stay awake, be aware, be knowledgeable and vigilant in the defense of our rights, our freedoms and our protection of humanity. The future remains in our control if we are armed with the information necessary to understand what is actually being created right in front of us and also without our knowledge. Godspeed and God Bless my friends! Justus

Feb 2016
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