Guy gets ticketed for not riding in bike lane: makes video of himself smashing into things in bike lanes.

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200 days ago

Casey Neistat teaches us about riding in bike lanes in New York City.


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    Anonymous: There are also obstructions on the street when I drive my truck. I don't run into them on purpose. Pretty Stupid - A law is a law.
    11 days ago
    Anonymous: "A law is a law" and who decides what is to be law? If some old white assholes decides somethings a law then I must follow? No way.
    10 days ago
    Anonymous: "If some old white assholes" racist asshole. You don't get to decide what laws are legit. Perhaps if you don't like the "old white assholes" You should elect young (insert your race of preference. you racist twit) assholes.
    8 days ago