Police Brutality Backfires: The People Will Not Stand Idly By as Lone Man is Beaten once Subdued.

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296 days ago

The people WON'T stand for such wanton use of force and power, as these 4 officials quickly learn.  After looking closely, you can see one official motion to the other who is jabbing with a blackjack to tone it down, but it's too late, the crowd has seen, and the crowd will not sit idly by as witnesses to such behavior.


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    Anonymous: who cares if thyey are cops or rental cops,they are in a position of authority and abused it.....too bad the fans didnt do more to
    18 days ago
    Anonymous: you cant see what the guy underneath was doing... was he trying to bite the guards? was he refusing to give his hands t o be cuffed? was he trying to twist the guards hands
    3 days ago
    Anonymous: Violence is NOT OK..........regardless of who is giving it out..
    3 days ago