Fog over Puget Sound - Time Lapse Journey

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John Deir


Fog over Puget Sound...Time-Lapse Journey.

from John Deir 4 days ago






Jan 18 & 20, 2013. Dense fog throughout Puget Sound. Decided to go up on Mount Erie hoping to get above it all to take some pictures. Road up most dangerous as freezing frost covered most of road and only till the last 300 feet did I break through the layers of fog. Most beautiful and decided to take time-lapses. over 5700 raw photos and Lightroom 4 to generate raw videos and produced video in old Roxio Creator 2009. Camera used is Olympus EPL-2 with stock 14-42mm lens. 
My best effort to date and having much fun learning. Next project will be better and bigger. Hope all enjoyed.

Thank You goes out to Rameses B, LiquidFusiion Free Compilation.
Song- Drop of Sorrow, artist- Mario M.

Note- Creative Commons Licencing. You are welcomed to share at will, please give credits.

Original .MP4 file (1920x1080 / 185MB)