Work to Live or Live to Work?

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Work to Live or Live to Work?

We need to keep things in perspective and give ourselves a reality check. It is easy to forget your purpose to consciously evolve and just focus on making money. While we do have to dedicate some time to money and survival, you have to change your perspective to see and know the big picture. We are not here to waste our time acquiring things. Our life is precious and our minds can know the truth, and we need to live life and use the mind to its fullest potential. When you look at that picture of our galaxy, it shifts your perspective to the big picture of life, and makes you wonder why you are here in this vast universe. It puts some questions in your head, like "what is the meaning of my life?" Why would we be here to work our lives away? Think about how long we have been evolving, how unimaginably difficult the journey has been. We have one more step in evolution, and it doesn't involve dressing up in a suit and dealing with paperwork all day. The next step is to consciously evolve from mankind to spiritual beings that know how to live in peace. While we are stuck in cubicles, we are falling asleep to the opportunity we have to evolve. This opportunity will not last forever, so if we don't wake up we will miss it.

It's time for a New Order World, NOW. Open "The Present" at to find and fulfill your highest purpose.

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