The Cosmonaut - Trailer

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"One of the greatest examples of the power of the internet. " -CNN

The impossible idea

A film made by more than 5000 people

Stas gets lost in space. When he comes back, he finds Earth
completely empty. Yulia and Andrei wait for him in a collapsing world.
How far would you go for love?

Some time ago we wanted to make a movie, and on the way, reinvent how films were financed, produced and distributed. Search our own path and engage the audience.

They said that we were crazy. That it was impossible. That it was not realistic and that would never work.

Do didn't believe them.

4 years working in a beautiful project

With the help of hundreds of professionals and the support of more than 4500 backers, 
"The Cosmonaut" has become a reallity. Learn more about the project
and the team behind it.




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