Pipe Dream

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 this SINGLE from a VIDEO ALBUM, all instruments are played by steel balls shot out of PVC tubing. From the producer of the original ''musical fountain'' in More Bells and Whistles, SIGGRAPH 1990.Two years in the making, the full video album is comprised of 7 pieces, each by a completely different instrument configuration. Proprietary animation software analyzes the music, and automatically drives the movement of the instruments for highly accurate and efficient animation. Essentially no traditional keyframing is used.The DVD version of this video album is due to be released in late Summer 2001.

This movie is part of the collection: SIGGRAPH

Director: Wayne Lytle
Producer: Wayne Lytle
Production Company: Animusic
Audio/Visual: sound, color
Keywords: Electronic Theatre 2001
Contact Information: http://www.animusic.com - 317 Nye Rd., Cortland, NY 13045 United States, 866-692-6468


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