The free & open source social network

Here is what you can do here:

- Launch a channel = (Anonymous accounts are fine with us!)

- Launch a social network = or use a custom domain

- Launch custom branded mobile apps for iOS and Android. (Coming 2014!)

- Manage all of your social feeds in ONE place including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. (Soon LinkedIn, Google Plus, diaspora, Instagram and many more!)

- Upload bulk videos, audio, images, blogs and files.  Everything legal in the US is legal here and we are dedicated to freedom of speech and uncensored media.

- Search through millions of Creative Commons results on the web.

- Reach 100% of your subscribers. (Unlike Facebook which makes you pay!)

- Generate ad revenue by driving traffic to your channel or social network.

- Meet human beings for business, dating or just friendship.

- Video chat with the option to record!  (Coming 2014!)

- Buy, sell and trade items on the market with Bitcoin or Paypal. (Coming 2014!)

- Develop Minds Apps with our public SDK.

- Download or delete ALL of your data. (Coming 2014!)

- Self-host your own decentralized Minds node. (Coming soon!)

- Vote on site evolution and featured content. (Coming 2014!)

- Protect your privacy with encrypted chat. (Coming 2014!)

- Liberate the web from illegal surveillance and malicious proprietary code!